Hello OSTuesday friends!
Sorry this is coming out so late in the day...
I almost forgot about it...
I did not. And so we are here.
My choice OST for today is a song that stuck out to me immediately when I watched this drama.
This was the first drama I ever watched, though I didn't complete it ( my first completed drama award goes to To The Beautiful You).
But this song, whenever it played I just sang along because it made me laugh and I immediately loved it.
Who could foresee that this song was done by the group that got me into K-pop???
So, without further ado.
Here is my OST song choice for the day!
*not my video*
*also it is an montage of the story so be careful with spoilers*
From the 2009 teen drama Boys Over Flowers (꽃보다 남자) comes my choice for today's song: Stand By Me by SHINee.
SHINee is a South Korean K-pop group from SM Entertainment, and major pioneers in innovation and sound within k-pop. They are second generation idols and still making music together with their original line up today, while each member also has a successful solo career as well with whatever they have chosen to do (music, acting, being amazing).
Boys Over Flowers in a KBS2 romantic comedy high school drama based on manga Hana Yori Dango, and is not the only adaption to screen that the manga has seen.
We follow our heroine Jan Di, an ordinary hard working girl, through the series of events that lead her to attending school at the prestigious Shin Hwa High. She soon catches the attention of F4, the most popular group of boys in the school which consists of Joon Pyo as leader, and Ji Hoo, Yi Jung, and Woo Bin. Jan Di is thrust into the world of prestige when Joon Pyo takes an interest in her, and your regularly scheduled drama ensues.
The main cast consists of Koo Hye Sun as Jan Di, Lee Min Ho and Joon Pyo, Kim Hyun Joong as Ji Hoo, Kim Bum as Yi Jung, Kim Joon as Woo Bin, and Kim So Eun as Ga Eul (Jan Di's best friend who also has a love line with an F4 member).
BOF is a k-drama classic. If you like dramas, you've probably seen this show, or at least attempted to watch it.
Sure, it has its flaws. Sure it uses so many tropes you can't keep count. Sure, the drama is so ridiculous and long seeming and at the end you just are shouting at your screen WHYYYY FINALLYYYY.
But, we all adore it for those very reasons. We all fell in love with Ji Hoo being the perfect second lead. We all fell for king asshole Jun Pyo and his love for Jan Di. We all freak out at the end when all the family drama happens. We all adore the side loves with Ga Eul and Yi Jung.
BOF, I never finished it. But I still adore this drama, and honestly, I can't wait to talk about the song.
Stand By Me is sort of an unbeat pop song, but still slow like a ballad, but definitely not a ballad.
Confused yet?
Yeah me too.
Honestly, I don't remember it in conjunction to the drama at all.
Like, I don't remember when it played.
I do remember whenever it did play, I noticed it. Right away. Probably because it would always be the super cheesy "together make it love,forever make it your smile" part.
And now that I think about it, I think it had to do with the Ji Hoo, but I could totally be wrong.
The reason I love this song so much, just it starts off right away with Onew's rich and unique tone and then gets to upbeat and schmaltzy. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that the singer is in love. They want to do everything for this girl. Their whole world is centered around her now, and making her life amazing. And really, that is what the men of F4 learn.
They learn to not be selfish and to obsess over how awesome they are. They learn that they are giant assholes but that there is a way to love someone in a sweet way (Joon Pyo cough cough).
Lets look at the lyrics:
*translations taken from parkminnie wordpress*
"Now hold my hands
Stand by me
Look towards me
Even though I don’t know love yet
Stand by me guard over me
Because I am still clumsy at love"
"I don’t know at first
How to begin to love
I still don’t know my heart
But I love you"
Ugh, at the core, this drama is about first loves. This drama is about falling head over heels and wanting to be better for someone.
These lyrics are so much about first love. Not knowing what to do, you might think you aren't good enough, or you have been so bad for so long and so self centered you might not know how to give your heart to someone. These are all themes brought in BOF, and all themes within this sweet love long.
I love fluffy things you guys. You know this. I know this.
The whole world knows.
This song is just so fluffy and easy listening, I wanted to share it with you.
Sure it isn't ground breaking OST stuff, but it is a personal favorite of mine and I hope you guys enjoy it too!
Love ya'll!
I never knew Stand By Me was by Shinee!!! ●—● Omg I loved that song
I was shocked when I found out that SHINee sang this song... haha. Still by far one of my favorite OSTs! :D
I agree I agree I agree!!!
I remember this was the perfect storm cause I was SO obsessed with SHINee and I immediately became SO obsessed with BOF!
I remember my sisters watching this drama and I would always hear this song playing. I didn't know it was from Shinee!