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Hey guys~~ so I found out that a lot of kpoppers don't know Hangul (the Korean writing system) and want to learn! Personally I'm really good at reading Korean and pronouncing but I just need to study vocab hahah ah so many words.. BUT I'd be glad to teach you! So basically I'll try to post one card a day, at least, of a letter /bc it would be the longest card ever if I tried to teach it in one go/
So if you don't have the Korean keyboard already I'd recommend going to your settings and adding that to practice. We'll start with the 1st letter on the keyboard 'ㅂ' Which is translated to 'b' BUT when pronounced it makes a SOFT b sound. In some cases it may sound like 'p' This may be why in sometimes when you're watching something bts related, it sounds like they say 'pangtansonyeondan' it's bc yes, bts is spelled '방탄소년단' The times when the ㅂ letter makes a HARD B sound is when it's made a double consonant. So we can do this by hitting the caps button on the Korean keyboard, and it makes 'ㅃ'
I hoped this helped~ and like I said I'll do more letter cards later. Maybe I'll ever teach you guys so phrases if you want /altho you guys probably know more than me lol/ 안녕!!
@drummergirl691 Yeh you can say 안녕하세요 (annyeonghasaeyo) as a formal hello and you CAN say it as bye as well but I wouldn't? As a formal goodbye there's 안녕히가세요 (annyeonghigasaeyo) or 안녕히겨세요 (annyeonghigyesaeyo) depending on who's leaving, but since al three start with 안녕, you can say 안녕 as an informal hello and goodbye😊
i also can read korean well and pronouce well but don't know much vocab. i'm working on grammar rules also. the alphabet was refreshingly easy and fun :) fighting everyone
ㅂㅃ Got it!
dumb question: is "hi" and "bye" in Korean (informal) kinda like "aloha"?