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Lets be real, sometimes you just really don't want anyone, even your best friend, seeing you sweating balls at the gym. I mean I'm Irish and after the first push-up my face has a flush that looks like I already housed an entire box of wine, so working out solo is defiantly more my speed.
But the solo workout can be a danger to your fitness goals since there is no one there to motivate, guilt trip, or drag your ass off the cozy, warm couch.
So here are 3 necessary rules that have to be followed if you like riding solo at the gym.

1. Have a killer playlist...or E-book.

Working out is almost all mental (aka trying to block out the voice in your head screaming that there is 1 trillion more fun things to be doing.) But having an awesome playlist that pumps you up like Dropkick Murphy's (like I said...Irish), something that get you feeling yourself like Get It Right by Miley or maybe just a really good story if thats what floats your boat.
Pretty much anything that quiets that screaming voice in your head that keeps repeating Chipotle over and over again.

2. Report back to someone.

You might be working out solo to avoid any horrific snap stories of you struggling with a treadmill but that doesn't mean you have to go though the process alone. I said this before in my Fool Proof Ways To Stick With Your Weight Loss Journey but I'll say it again because it really is so important.
Report back to someone!! Tell them your workout, your weight after every weigh in, and your measurements because that way you do still have someone motivating you while also being solo.

3. Hold yourself accountable.

This is the most important rule that you must truly accept. Anyone can say they worked out for an hour at the gym, but only you can actually put that time to good use, not skimp on any reps, and push yourself to your limit.
If you want to get fit and see results, you must hold yourself accountable for your own weightloss journey, because lying about it wont help you.