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So in August 2015 it was my first time going to kcon and it was the best three days of my life! :D
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@DjKpop12 True!! but omg yes they should've!!! That would've been awesome!!
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have you seen the recorded concert on dramafever yet? it's only the main songs, so it's not the entire concert, but it's still a great way to re-live parts of the night
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Yes I have and it just makes me want to go back to those days XD
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I wrote like a 20 page memoir about my trip to kcon so I never forget it lol. unfortunately besides that, all we can do is wait for kcon 2016
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Oh that is cool! 馃憤 I just have pictures and videos, but yup all we could do and wait for Kcon 2016 馃槉
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