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I was your Bonnie, kidnapping you in the dead of night to wander around a boat yard drunk off crisp air, the ecstasy of freedom, and windows rolled down always feeling your gaze burning into the side of my face. You told me once that I have not changed at all But thats a good thing. You told me once that I always did what no one else would But you liked that. You told me once that I didn't think like anyone else, my individuality a turn on every sentence that comes out of my mouth impossible to turn off. Turned On ---------- Now I check my phone and wait for a call that isn't coming. Just like everybody else.
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This is so good. Applause for you.
I love this so much. It feels so honest and beautifully sad. It's perfect! :)
@InPlainSight @matildajgarrett @jordanhamilton @rodiziketan thanks so much guys!! This poem def had be feeling all sorts of ways while I was writing it
just keep up the good work. :)