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This week's ship is: Gajeel X Levy from Fairytail Why? Because a brute and a bookworm can be great chemistry as she rounds out his brawn with her brains and be rounds out her book smarts with street smarts. This ship is even cute gender-bent. It may be an 80s trope but I like it.
Proof in the Manga and Anime of this Impending Ship :)
And here is some cute Gajeel X Levy Fan Art
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@KyleSearl - I feel the same about Gajeel, only problem is he's in 'Anime World' and I am stuck here lol
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*fangirling out of control* kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaàaaaaa *~* ❤~❤
2 years ago·Reply
I have tried to hold back on ships but this one has called out to me
2 years ago·Reply
love the ship it's one that gets over looked alot
2 years ago·Reply
I see this as us @connerthompson
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