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Kpop Mobile Collection
I'm new to this app. So far I love it and I hope I can learn to use it properly. My first post is of Lee Hongki because he changed my life. Ft island was the first Korean group I listened to. They are so talented thus i fell in love with them. Because of them I began to listen to kpop and I love it.! ♡♡
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WELCOME TO VINGLE My inbox is always open if you need to talk or vent, we're family here babe. Prepare for heart attacks and fangirling on the daily <-- If you need help with either of those, I offer gif sets and story times that induce feels. If I don't have your bias, just tell me who and I'll have something for you!
Hongki! I agree. They're pretty awesome. I wish they had more chances to play live.