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"This spicy beef soup is more popular in the hot summer days than it is in winter. The beef and vegetables are said to help overcome the scorching summer heat." (via: Easy Korean Cooking)
Ingredients: 200g beef brisket (beef stock**) 50g taro stem (optional) 50g fiddlehead fern (optional) 50g radish 50g oyster mushroom (sub: any mushroom) 50g mung been sprout
Seasoning: 1 tbsp finely powdered Korean chili 2 tbsp soy sauce 1 tbsp crushed garlic 1 tbsp hot chili oil 1/2 tsp Korean chili powder 2 tsp salt
Directions: 1. Make beef stock with brisket. Remove brisket and shred or pull into small strips. 2. Pour stock over cheese cloth (Make sure to use wet cheese cloth, otherwise the cheese cloth well absorb too much liquid). 3. Cut leeks 5cm long ( cut root part in half lengthwise). Slice radish into bite size squares. Cut off about 1cm unroot been separate each mushroom, clean and drain. 4. Blanch mung bean sprouts in salt water (1 tsp salt) then drain. 5. OPTIONAL: After thoroughly cleaning taro stems, boil until fully cooked. Rinse then soak in cold water for 3 to 4 hours to remove pungent taste. Completely drain excess water and cut 5cm long. 6. OPTIONAL: Cut the hard lower part of the firm and parboil in saltwater (1 tsp salt). Rinse is cold water 2 or 3 times then drain. Cut 5cm long. 7. Combine and mix all ingredients (except beef stock**) and set aside. 8. In a pot, bring beef stock** to boil and add step number 7. Cook for about 1 hour and season with salt (If you'd like you can stir in an egg (beaten) in a few minutes before turning off heat).
And now you're done!! Enjoy!! ^`
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