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What gives you feels? Tonight I will post about Dok2 oppa.
(this is a last minute thing for me)
There are certain songs by Dok2 that I get the feels from and others that are really good but I don't really get the feels from them.
What are the feels you ask? It's the feeling you get in your gut that says, 'This is it'. 'This is the song you will love forever no matter how long ago it came out.....'
This is my JAMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!
I can't get enough of this song for nothing.
But no seriously I love this song to death.
I love this song sooooooo much. It's such soothing love song and a bit unexpected but I hope he does more songs like this
This was the most hurt song I had ever heard in my life. It's not a song I will play on repeat only because I might cry in anger at whoever the girl is for making oppa hurt so.....
Do I really need to say anything....the lyrics are right here.
Dok2 even shows his strength while acknowledging his weakness.
Lol I don't even know what to say for this song either. Both Dok2 and Beenzino throwing out disses left and right
This song is
I know this song is by Masta Wu featuring label mate Bobby and Dok2 but I can't help but get the feels from this song. The song is up beat (my favorite type of song) and it shows off Dok2 talents even more.
The lyrics were really witty and addressed people talking behind his back.
On a side note a lot of people gave hate for him throwing around money and being in a fancy car, saying that he was bragging. But my question to that is what's wrong with bragging in the first place. Gonzo has come up from nothing and now he has just about everything he wants. He is still working at it too.
Can we talk about why I love The Quiett.....nah but seriously. This song was a great feature for Dok2.