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So,.....Noragami So I started watching this series completely on a whim. I was browsing through Netflix and clicked it. I will say that it's interesting but where I am right now, I wonder how much they can actually fit into this one season. I like the story, I like the idea but with where everything is, I wonder what they plan to do.
Them eyes though, I will say Yato has some of the prettiest eyes I've seen. I definitely am a sucker for those blue eyes. If anything the series is pretty in art style. I am at about episode 8 and probably won't finish it until tomorrow. Damn life at its priorities, won't let me binge watch anime like I want to.
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I'm getting that feeling already T_T
There's a season two. It's turning out really good
ermegerd its amazing norigami i one of my fav animes and manga
Season two has started on hulu.
this week sucked cuz of hpw the last one ended