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Let's figure out the best bromance!

Make a card with your favorite pair, or leave your vote in the comments on this card :D

My favorite bromance?

Cheon Yoon Jae and Do Min Joon from My Love From Another Star
Yoon Jae gets really excited about space stuff and basically tackles Do Min Joon when he lets him play with his telescope.
Then when he finds out Do Min Joon is an alien he FLIPS and really, really wants to the the ET-Phone-Home thing with him just to play out his alien fantasies.

He also 100% supports Do Min Joon dating his sister

(probably just cause he wants to hang out with him more)

Cheon Yoon Jae and Do Min Joon FOREVER!

List your favorite bromances in the comments or make your own cards and tag me in it :D

I like your choice but if I had to choose I would pick Ahn Jae Hyeon and Jung Hae-In ft. LUUVY :) from Blood
I'll have to go with Sehun and Kwangsoo from EXO Next Door. It was a funny bromance that brought tears to my eyes.
@kelseyblair that was the real OTP in that show lol
definitely the one i'm watching right now, cheer up (sassy go go), the bromance between kim yeol and seo ha joon is undeniably cute!!!
this one is mine too! I absolutely love these 2!
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