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Welcome to another (well, new, to be exact) night of Soju Sobering...
Recognize this hottie? Yup, he's that last Chinese member standing in EXO. I've heard many rumors about him leaving EXO, but honestly, it wouldn't really make sense if he left now. So all you unicorns out there, don't worry. He's absolutely not going to leave.
A little about Yixing: Birthday: October 7, 1991 Height: 177 cm Blood Type: A POWER: Healing 🦄 •He can play the guitar and the piano 🎸🎹 •He was supposed to become EXO-M's leader, but was later changed to Kris :( [Source: ]
Charm point: dimples? Who doesn't agree?
*casually walking* 😭😍😍
Hope you all had a wonderful soju sober :) See you all tomorrow night 😴
Lay is so sexy!!!
My thirst is real for him