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Kim Bum promised to kiss A Pink‘s Eunji in real life if their drama gets over 20% in viewer ratings. On ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘, Kim Bum complained jokingly about his kiss scene with Eunji in ‘Wind Blows in Winter‘, saying, “My lips were stolen, and I got slapped. To be honest, I didn’t think I’d have a kiss scene in the middle of a trash heap.” When asked what he’d do if the drama went over the 20% mark in ratings, Kim Bum said, “I’ll kiss Eunji for real.” The MC pointed out that Kim Bum should consider Eunji’s opinion as well, and he replied coolly, “The guy’s supposed to make the first move in cases like this.” Eunji, who was right next to him, joked along and said, “My heart just started beating faster.” Currently, the drama is rated the highest out of all three Wednesday/Thursday dramas. Even though they’ve got some ways to go until 20%, considering the ratings keep rising, we may end up seeing a real kiss between the two!