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7 Things You Learn When You Fall Out Of Love
(Sigh) I knew this day would come, it's time for a sad article. Love is a wondrous thing, and as beautiful as it is, falling out of it is the antithesis. The pain feels unbearable, you feel cold and empty, you find yourself rooted to your bed (but this time you're not watching anime or anything, you're just sitting there). But in life we must take the good with the bad, and when a relationship ends, there is much of both to uncover. So here are some things you learn when you're all out of love (in no particular order). Prepare for feels.
1. Some Activities Are Now Taboo
When you're in a longterm relationship, a lot of things become less "his and hers," and more "ours." As such, when everything falls apart you have to sift through the wreckage and determine what part of the leftover debris you're willing to call "yours." Maybe you and your ex used to play tennis together, maybe karaoke was your thing, hell maybe you used to watch a show by yourself and your ex jumped into it; effectively making a "yours" become an "ours." It doesn't really matter, because the bottom line is you're going to realize that a lot of the things you used to do with your significant other are now things you will end up avoiding. And why is that? Because...
2. Seemingly Random Things Will Set You Off
Okay, same scenario as the first one. So you say "Fuck it," you're not that kind of person, you won't be defined by a break-up, you're going to go play tennis damn it. So you go, and it goes fine for awhile, but suddenly you're just losing to your friend pretty badly. It's their first time playing too, you had to talk them into coming out here! Now more than likely it's just a little beginner's luck, but you're probably thinking at this point that it has more to do with the fact that you changed tennis partners. You know what? Fuck tennis. You decide to turn on the radio and turn it up high, good music blaring to drown out negative thoughts. Then all of a sudden a song comes on, it has no correlation to your relationship at all, yet you're still pissed off to hear it. Fuck that song. Fuck that dog, that car, that restaurant, the color orange, fuck it all.
3. You're Short With People
See you might be a reasonable person, in fact with all the people that look at a random Vingle card, I like the odds that at least one of you is. But after you've lost your love you're filled with an indecipherable frustration, and you don't have time for anything. Your family becomes annoying (even more so than they may already be to you), your friends just don't understand so they bug you too, your work ethic suffers (heaven help your customers if you have a customer service job), you feel like you're at the end of your rope and everyone else has rope to spare. It's not really your fault, it certainly isn't theirs. The issue lies with the fact that...
4. All Your Emotions Are (Seemingly) Indecipherable
Everything kind of feels like an uphill battle to control yourself. Certain things fill you with an uncontrollable rage, some stuff has you sobbing for no reason, you might laugh at something not appropriate to laugh at, your emotions are on automatic and the trigger is stuck. You'll try to sit down and figure things out, and it may work, but more than likely you'll find yourself slipping right back into it. Things will seem hopeless, but it is always when things are at their darkest that they slowly start to fall into place. Before you know it...
5. Time Has Passed, Your Wounds Are Healing
Everything will just wash over you, like you're clean of all the negativity and garbage you left behind. Sure you lost a hobby or two, but you probably picked up some new ones. Maybe you even lost some friends in the process of getting your shit together, but whenever a door closes, another opens. The point is, that point where you thought it was all over and you were just not going to improve has passed. You're doing better, you look great, that cutie at the coffee shop is smiling your way, you're going to be okay, it's all going to be okay. In fact...
6. You're Going To Fall In Love Again
The process will begin anew. There's so much pain that comes with losing someone you truly loved, but it's okay because there is so much pleasure in starting the road towards loving someone else. Love is truly a drug, with the lowest of low's, but the highest of high's. And before you know it you'll be right back on that road again, and you won't be alone. BUT...
This is the most important part, truly the epiphany of it all! You will realize (ideally) that it is okay to be alone, you do not have to base yourself off of your relationship. You are your own person with so much to offer the world. Your friends, your family, even your aforementioned lover (previous, present, and potential), they all value YOU, not the probable accent OF you. Coming out of love and BEING out of love teaches you the most important lesson, that the world doesn't end. Time keeps on ticking, and you keep on kicking. So fear not weary travelers, when life knocks you down and you're all out of love there are a multitude of people fighting the same battle, and you're all going to be okay! You're never truly alone, but even if you were, is that such a bad thing?
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there is still hope guys! lol but really a break sucks but eventually you forget and move on.
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@gallardochun Exactly 馃槅
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This really hit me in the feels yesterday and then I got dumped like 4 hours after I clipped and liked it, I'm really glad you posted it though it makes me feel slightly better about it all. Even though it seems utterly hopeless =\
2 years agoReply
@imTANNERthanU I can promise you, it does get better. The time varies, but it will get better friend.
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: (
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