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The U.S. women's national soccer team had the honor of visiting the White House for their World Cup title.
President Obama praised the champions and said,

"This team taught all of America's children that 'playing like a girl' means you're a badass."

I feel like Obama got that from P&G's #LikeAGirl campaign, but still...President Obama is the man!

And Alex Morgan and the women's national soccer team is indeed badass!

Here is the #LikeAGirl campaign video just in case you guys haven't seen it!

Like a girl does mean you're a badass!

@gearmaster I totally understand where you are coming from. At one point of time when I was young I thought feminist hated men. When the word feminist was uttered I seen the hard core radical all men suck type of woman. However, once educated I've learned that is not the correct or true image of a feminist. Just like any group you will have bad apples and sadly, media uses the negative ones to represent the whole group. Males too can be feminist too. ThenI had to also look at the history. Why were ppl who supported the rights of women equalist instead of feminist? Well one it stems from the ideology feminism. Then secondly, when developed there were not a such thing as too many ppl with power concerned about the rights of women. Therefore, women themselves had to advocate for themselves. Not to say all men did not care about women's rights. just due to the culture in the past the rights of women was a taboo topic just like racial equality. A true feminist do not knock down men or the tradtional woman to advocate for themselves. They simply just would like women to be valued and have options. If you want to be a traditional woman then so be it, but don't look down at me or think I'm less of a woman because I do not want to be the tradtional woman mentality is what a true feminist should have. They see man has human, woman human, LGBT, all ethnicities as human. All who are human should have the same rights. Regardless how one may label themselves. No gender is better than the other. For so many years females are looked down upon for not being a traditional woman yet considered weak for being one. True feminists say no more. A woman is strong and still feminine no matter how she decides to live her life. The image woman will no longer be associated with being weak, less than, or second class citizen.
I totally love this campaign. I despise hearing "like a girl" as an insult. >.< This is cool.
hell yeah Obama. (though weirdly this feels like a very Michelle thing to say)
I loved this commercial then and I love it now!
@mchlyang This is so huge for me. I spent 7 years of my life in 3 drumlines. In 2 of those drumlines, I was the only female. In the last one, I was one of 4. Now I am the only female Assistant Band Director that my school has ever had. I have experienced the "female in a male" world from several perspectives. My Mom intitially didn't want me to be a percussionist because she thought it would kill my feminity. Back when I was marching, I was told a thousand to kill it or hide it. I was always difficult to adjust as a new member to a drumline because the males almost always dreaded my initial presence. Many assumptions flew when I walked in the room. Many assumed I would be too soft. Some assumed that I'd be too obstinate - that I'd unapologetically make excuses for my "lackings" at every turn. Some assumed that I would drag the section down and resnted me to point of wasting alot time of time in effort to influence me to quit. My response was quiet perseverance. I have marched through sickness, injury, mud, pouting rain, and freezing temperatures. I learned parts faster. I marched heavier and bigger instruments. No passing out - no complaints ( I know it was the grace of GOD only). I've helped and protected both the males and females that came behind me. I went through a small height of fame. There was a brief period of tine where I could march into a different city and people (whom I'd never met) knew my name or wanted to meet me after a game. But most of my career has been all work and very little recognition. A stark difference from my male counterparts. So I hugely appreciate Obama's public recognition and awesome statement. Maybe this will open the world's eyes to the level of work, strength, dedication, and perseverance that many women have been exhibiting for years with very little notice or thanks.
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