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I don't like the word( naughty) but originally its the naughty crew challenge by @amobigbang choose 6 villains -marvel or dc tagged by @shannonl5 heres my peps ;)
the founder of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, he started out as a fanatic obsessed with making mutants the dominant race of the planet. He is deliciously evil =)
Thanos of course! he is an amazing villain and to my own opinion and knowledge the strongest villain in marvel. he is super awesome! all legions must come before him. (evil laught)
the crime syndicate evil justice league is so cool! this pretty much rounds of my list since it was like 6 max or something lol Its five core members are Ultraman, Owlman, Superwoman, Johnny Quick and Power Ring who are counterparts of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Green Lantern. I find them to be super cool since like here batman has no morals, superman uses kryptonite as his power, and wonderwoman is a darker person all in all is super cool to see these be reversed.
I love villains ! they are fun, also I notice dc universe has the most out going and fun villains and marvel is more on the serious I'll seriously kill you kind of side lol this was a cool challenge but mainly I always choose thanos.
I forgot! @kenjutsu101 @TylerFarris @KZillion @ladygdragon @deadmen0205 @kuzuri96 @Namrow @3awl @amobigbang check out this amazing challenge response :D
This is awesome!!!
darkseid Thanos joker Loki poison ivy ZOD
Magneto Thanos Ultron Deathstroke and the best for last... Deadpool