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News (10/27/15)
Hey guys, just wanted to say I made 2 lists today, both pretty different. Either or ought to scratch an itch, but be sure to look at them both! If you like it, give me a heart, share it with the other Vinglers out there, and clip it because I will definitely update with more content. You have 6 Things People Pretend They Don't Do (But Totally Do), I think you'll get a laugh out of that one. And then, on a more serious note, you have 7 Things You Learn When You Fall Out Of Love. I hope it helps some of you guys out, I know relationships can be a touchy subject, I also know it's nice to be understood. Hopefully someone feels some kinship from it. Catch you guys later!
Thank you! Checking them out now.
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Not a problem 😊
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