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is there any one who want this to?
OK so I love kdrama so I know exo has one and Lee Hong ki one and some may other (sorry if spelled wrong I'm still new to kpop) but I really want a bts drama.
like we see jin have a part we he all abs and he trying to save one of the boys form something or
be all bad a** and look hot in black and leather but there broz and one the brains and the other the fun OK this may suvk to u but I will love to see a kdrama were there on it anyone else feel the same tell what show u want and who play what(u font have to do all boyz if u don't want u can try to pick)
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btw i think you're getting confused between jimin and jin. Jimin is the one with the abs and can hit the really high notes. Jin is the one that likes to eat (like all of us) and is the visual of the group. just thought id help a fellow army and clarify 馃槉馃槉
omg i'd die if there was a BTS drama...I think Jin or V would be the first to try acting