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I'm watching No. Mercy and I've cried the majority of the episodes I've watched so far I've balled my eyes out. I don't understand why you'd put trainees whi are practically family through this. it makes me wish I had people like them in my life, but sadly I don't.
@CassidyRoush. yes i thought kwanji was good and he got eliminated in the first eps and tbh i thought minkyun needed more training but as well i cried a lot bc of their promise!!
@playboychaejin mine besides the monsta x guys was kwanji I bawled, but it cried hard when minkyun got elminated because the guys had promised to all debut together at new years.
omg i finished No.Mercy like a few weeks ago, and same i freaking cry a river like in almost every ep , even though i knew who was gonna get eliminated already, but still it broke my heart so much !! my fav was #GUN and omg i cried so much when he got eliminated!!