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Okay, so, I just found this infographic online while I was digging around for some cool stuff to share with the rest of the community. It's supposed to be the most popular Halloween candy of each state this year, and I've got to say that THIS MAP SLEEPS IN A BED OF LIES.
I live in California, and all I've got to say is LIFESAVERS? REALLY? You're going to try to tell me that people voluntarily eat that stuff to a point where it's just Lifesavers all day, every day? I can't even FIND Lifesavers in the supermarket these days.

Anyway, look up your state and let me know what you end up getting!

Is it a candy you and your friends eat a lot, or is this chart just a big fat liar?!

Yes, the chart sleeps in a bed of lies...under Blankets of Deception (and smells like beef and cheese). I mean, seriously, candycorn???? I have hated those for about the past 138 years (based on some quick math using the formula for the half-life of Hatred).
@InPlainSight But Crunch + sun = sad, melty chocolate. :(
Snickers for us, I know I eat them a lot, but idk about my friends
im sorry texsas
candy corn. Totally agree, it's my favorite type of candy
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