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BlockB Screenshot Game Results *Story In Progress*

Crush:Taeil Boyfriend: Ukwon Secret Admirer: Jaehyo Saves You: Taeil First Kiss:Jaehyo Takes Me on Vacation: Zico Protecter: Kyung Jealous One: B-Bomb Best Friend: Ukwon Husband: Taeil
STORY TIME!!!!!! In my P.O.V.
"DONGSAENG WAKE UP!!!!!" said Unnie My eyes pop open. "We have one more week of work here in America. Then our dream of opening an Vetenarian Clinic in Seoul will come true!" Unnie exclaimed. We have been like sisters ever since we've met on Vingle. We are so much alike. We swear we are sisters in a past life. Ever since 2015 we have been working our butts off for this to happen and it finally will. ~A Week Later~ We arrive in Incheon International Airport. We both don't speak we are too in awe from the view of the window. We go to our apartment we have paid for in advance. The apartment is also beautiful. In Seoul apparently evreything you see is. We go to sleep we have jetlag. **** My eyes flutter open from the sunlight. Me and Unnie get ready and we go to our own Vetenarian Clinic. We arrive there and we already have a group of 7 guys waiting for us. The first one I noticed was so cute. He was the only one with glasses. For some reason he just caught my eye. "Ya! Are you the vetenarian here? " he asked. "Yes I am what do you need?" Before he could say anything a guy with red hair replied "Our dog has been limping for a week. We want a x-ray on her please." "Sure I can do that for you. What is are your names? I need it for the paperwork." "My name is Kim Yoo Kwon. The first guy you talked to was Lee Tae II." He points to a guy with blonde hair "This is Woo Ji Ho. " He then points to a guy with light brown hair "This is Ahn Jae Hyo." He finally points to all three guys he has yet to introduce. "This is Pyo Ji Hoon, Lee Min Hyuk, and Park Kyung." U-Kwon said. "It's nice to meet you all. Follow me into the xray room." I said . We past several rooms. We finally arrive to our destination. I take the dog out of U-Kwons hands. Our hands accidently touch and I get a spark from him. We both blush. I put their dog on the table and give it an xray. "It seems the right leg is fractured I need to put a cast on it." I explain. I put the cast on and hand U-Kwon the dog. "Here thank you for coming sirs. Have a nice day" I go on the the next patient while my Unnie deals with a guy named Kwon Jiyong. After many ours of seeing patients it was time to go home. I was about to leave when I heard "Wait Coreena." I turn around and it's Aimee she is our receptionist and she is like my aunt. She hands me a piece of paper. I unfold it and it had a number and message on it. It said meet me at the Namsan cable cars I want to repay you for treating my dog. "It's from the guy with the red hair." Aimee said. I turn really red. "I have a date too tomorrow it's with Jiyongie." my Unnie said. (I'll finish this tomorrow I'm really tired lol @AimeeH @Marilovexoxo @thepinkprincess
@Marilovexoxo Haahaa thanks Unnie. @Emealia Okay will do 😃 @thePinkPrincess is it really that good? lol
I love it!!!!!!
check them out @lolImbetter09
@lolImbetter09 thank you ☺
I love it
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