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This is the most emo thing I've seen since well...middle school.

Starbucks wowed a lot of former emo kids, including myself when they announced this special frappuccino for Halloween. It looks like a bloody good drink and it's called "The Frappula".
Honestly, this is my spirit drink. It's dark, yet fluffy. Blood curdling yet sweet. It is the perfect representation of my soul. Perfect for Halloween. Perfect for me.
You can pick up this delectable beverage from October 28th to the 31st. Though it's only around for a limited time, we will never forget.
Starbucks is no stranger to seasonal drinks. The pumpkin spice late has taken over everything, but honestly...this looks way better.
Screw pumpkin spice. We want Frappula Frappucinos year round!'s just me. Okay. Nevermind.
You can only buy this blood sucker in the U.S., Canada, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia. Dang.
Anyway, Halloween is just around the corner!
White chocolate sauce, mocha, whip cream, milk, raspberry syrup.. that sort of stuff. @Animaniafreak
I didn't really find it that good. After you drink so much coffee from that place everything ends up tasting the same. Or rather... less exciting. But this made me laugh because I did try it 😇
Hahahaha "a perfect representation of my soul." This made me laugh :) I don't know if I'd be brave enough to try it!!
I remember when I used to work at Starbucks, we would all pretend the raspberry syrup was blood. I'm glad that caught on, lol.
I need this
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