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Are you tired of Star Wars yet? If you answered yes to that question, then go away forever because we aren't friends anymore (I'm just kidding, we're friends. Please be my friend).
But if you answered no to that question then, boy oh boy do I have something to show you. Medley Weaver mashed up some of the audio (as in the score) from the recent Force Awakens trailer to scenes cut from all of the movies from the Original Trilogy.
The editor follows the same narrative structure that The Force Awakens employs. The use of voice-overs really frame the overall story of the Original Trilogy and it set me on a trip down memory lane (geez, did I really just say that?) and I loved every second of it.
While watching this new version of old classics, I was reminded at the fact that I haven't watched the Original Trilogy in more than a decade. Almost all of my memories come from the time in my life where I was still worrying about having a locker and changing classes and having weird crushes on weird people.
I can still remember sitting on the couch in the family room of my parents' house putting the old VHS in the player, hoping and praying that it would work. The weird click-and-hum of the player filled the dead air until the movie started to play. I'd sit there in awe, eyes glistening, wishing that I didn't get bullied at school. I'd find solace and hope in these old movies when I watched them with a bag of chips and a soda.
And now, more than ever, I feel like I should revisit these movies. I've been starting to feel like I've been falling into the trap of aging. The trap being the one where you lose interest in the things you once found wonderful, where you become a cynical, upset, and frustrated version of yourself.
And just writing, thinking, and reminiscing about the hope that I had as a child/pre-teen makes me feel like I lost something along the way. It's like bits and pieces of myself fell apart as I grew up and experienced things I didn't necessarily need/want to experience. Thinking about all this now, it makes me wonder if that's all aging is, you know?
Was I meant to be born into a world that made me believe I could be bigger and better than myself at some point only to be disappointed later on? Was I supposed to believe that I could "be good", only to be let down as I got older? Is that what the rest of my life has in store for me? Is there a way for me to still be hopeful?
I don't know the answers to any of these questions but I know I want to watch Star Wars all over again. It probably won't fill me with the same wonder and awe I first felt as a child but I know I'll remember those feelings. And what it felt like, to hope for a better future.