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I know we are all shocked, and mostly in tears, about the delay of Bangtan's comeback. So I wanted to give ARMY members something to help cope with this pain! Because I know we will try to vent tomorrow and people will look at us like we're crazy and tell us: "It's only a band!" And we'll be like:
ARMY has to stick together to make it through the next month! So here are some moments that reminds us that Bangtan is worth waiting for!
Taehyung's attempt at Chinese!
Hobi's attempt to be cool!
Taehyung talking to sea life!
Jimin yelling to Jungkook to respect him!
Rapmon trolling!
Yoongi throwing the camera in the pool!
Tae not being able to guess "table tennis" and Namjoon's face!
The Book of Fate telling Jimin he'll never be taller then Taehyung!
I hope this helped, ARMY! Let's make it through this next month! Fighting!
Suga throwing the camera in the pool will never not be funny hahaha
love that book of fate hahahah
they are definitely worth the wait!!!!!!!!!! ARMY we can do this! BTS fighting!!!!! $
Yes!! Hah thanks for this heh