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In this episode, we try plastic surgery in Gangnam!!! (only virtually...hehehe)
Gangnam is the world capital of plastic surgery. There are more plastic surgery clinics in this one area of Seoul than anywhere else in the world! Hundreds and hundreds of clinics that specialize in everything from facial reconstruction, to liposuction.
Many of these procedures are very expensive! And for the average Joe, many can't afford these types of operations to make themselves look the way they want to.
What's the alternative? DigiBox!!! DigiBox is essentially a photobooth with Photoshop capabilities to modify your picture on the spot. By the way, these DigiBoxes aren't just found in Gangnam, but all over Seoul in many different subway stations or underground shopping malls.
Marie and I were in Gangnam Station's underground shopping mall, and saw this DigiBox, and decided we should try it out!
It was 10,000 Won (about $10 USD), which is pretty pricey! But, for the experience, and for you viewers, we decided to give it a go.
We are NOT pros at photo booth stuff, so as you could see, we were trying to figure out how to use the software to do stuff. It was trial by error style, but we had fun, and we hope that you enjoyed the fun as well!
If you're curious about what the actual photos turned out to be like, check out my Instagram @corymay81. I'll have posted all 4 pictures by the time this video is uploaded! ^^
Thank you for watching, we really appreciate the support!
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I was very curious about seeing the photos, but your Instagram account is locked and by invitation only. 😯 I'm looking at getting some work done myself, but here in the US.