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Back in 2005, the city of Berlin donated 3 sections of the Berlin Wall, a lamp post, a dozen or so trees and 2 benches from Berlin as a gift to the city of Seoul. The gesture was to show friendship between Germany and South Korea, as well as to show sympathy for the current situation between North and South Korea.
Germany hopes the two Koreas reunify, in the same way that West Germany and East Germany were reunified after the fall of the Berlin Wall. A great piece of history with such symbolism!!!
Check it out sometime, located at street level along the Cheongyecheon... closest subway station is Euljiro 3-ga, Exit 1. Go straight out of Exit 1, until you reach a big main road. Cross the street and turn right. You want to be walking North along the big main road on the left hand side of the road. You will run right into the pieces of the Berlin Wall and the blue bear sculpture.