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Alright, call me a weeaboo of you want.. But I won't deny my small love for Hatsune Miku馃槀 I don't know what it is about vocaloids, but I really like the way they sound馃挋 I've included Black Rock Shooter for your ears to enjoy c:
my favorite song is World is mine ... 馃榾 馃幎馃幖Sekai de ichi-ban OHIME-SAMA Sou iu atsukai KOKORO-ete Yo ne?馃幖馃幎
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Oh my god yess馃挋 World Is Mine is definitely good too馃槉馃槃
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she is mine! sorry. u can listen to her on spotify.my favorite is also world is mine.
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she is still mine though.馃槀
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@LeviHouse you wanna fight ?!?馃槀馃槀 lol
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