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Marie and I were VIPs at the Seoul Race Park for a day! Come watch as we experience the VIP Room and bet on a horse race!
The Seoul Race Park is located in Gwacheon, just south of Seoul by 20 minutes, but still located along Seoul subway Line 4. I can't tell you how much it costs to enter the park because we bypassed the gate and were led with a group of VIPs by the Manager of the entire park to our VIP Room.
Our VIP Room was situated right in front of the finish line, on the highest balcony with the greatest view of the horse racing field. The park Manager stayed with us the entire time to explain to us the inner workings of the park, of horse racing and breeding, what it takes to run a stable of high quality horses, and how to place bets.
We were fed a VIP lunch, though it was served in a lunch-box style. Don't let the looks fool you, the food was of very high quality!
Marie and I aren't gamblers, so we decided to bet only 1 time. We placed 3,000 Won on 3 horses (1,000 Won each), and we won back 6,300 Won. We doubled our money! Too bad we didn't put down like 30,000 Won per horse! hehehe
The Gwacheon area is beautiful and scenic, and the Seoul Race Park is a neat little place to visit if you are interested in horse racing or something out of the norm. ^_^