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Bringing change to K-pop concerts and providing artists with TRUE international fan love. Admin- Samantha Ramirez Admin- Helena Sanchez Admin- Cristina Rodriguez
First order of business, I will tell you guys a little bit about this group. I decided to create this group because of everything that went down with TGM. But also with other companies based here in the USA that get idols, and sometimes the concerts are... awful. The artist's themselves are mistreated at time or never really see how much their U.S fans really love them with companies who sometimes ruin it. As my job, after doing research and talking to some people I will try my best to help fans get to see their artists and experience concerts that are wonderful. But remember this is your group too so ideas, info, or anything is welcomed here. I hope you fully read this, and understand that I made this group so we could change the outcome of concerts. Some might think it is impossible but I will try my hardest to get involved with helping you guys. Let's change the view on how our idols look at American fans and show our K-pop artists we love them. So if you have any ideas, leave them here and I will look at them! :) .... once they get 600 followers they will announce the BIG news. So I hope everyone shares this group, if we get more great! So hopefully soon we can tell you guys the BIG news! Those that help, will win a FREE BTS poster. Just PM your proof and the top three will get a posters!♡♡♡ So now that you'll know the 411 on what these people are trying to do let's set out to help them reach the idols we love. They are on Facebook look em up! * most of this is copied from their page! the 1st photo is their picture on Facebook! *
yes!@B1A4BTS5ever that's the group! thanks.
this sounds really cool.
@B1A4BTS5ever @aimeeH @thepinkprincess @baileykayleen @danidee @kpopkimchi @StarBabes sorry I couldn't figure out how to copy a link to it
@DenieceSuit yes :) thank you
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