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I will memorize this haha. but it's hard since some sounds change depending on the position.
There's an easy way to learn the consonant if you put them in order in G N D L M B S A J CH K T P H and if you add the vowel A to the end of each consonant it'll help too. So it's 가 (Ga) 나(Na) 다(Da) 라(La) 마(Ma) 바(Ba) 사(Sa) 아(A) 자(Ja) 차(Cha) 카(Ka) 타(Ta) 파(Pa) 하(Ha) and you can say it in the tone of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The L is pronounced like a RA like in Salanghae 사랑해 and the B sounds like a soft b so it's sound like a soft p like when they say banana it sounds like they're saying panana
http://youtu.be/CdiR-6e1h0o this person explains it in simple terms so when she writes it in romanization it's different from the actually spelling. The reason for that is so the people who watch are able to understand how it's pronounced
It's kind of easy but there's more to it when you wanna start reading Korean. When there is a "ㅇ" consonant at the end of the letter its a "ng" sound. Say I have 바 and I decide to add a "ㅇ" consonant at the end it would be 방 bang. When you put "시" together it's pronouced "shi". Sow hen ever you see a ㅅ consonant and a ㅣ vowel together it's "shi". When ever you see a ㅈㅅ or a ㅊ constant at the end of a letter it basically turns into a "t" sound or it sounds like your stopping your sentence. Ex: 꽃 kkot (means: flower). I hope this make sense; I doubt it does, but I tried.
I memorized this in a week.. There are many different tricks you can make to make it easier
I make flash cards until I get it
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