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This is a series I do a couple of times a week where I talk about villains from anime that I felt were a bit underrated or misjudged or whatever.
My number 2 pick is Deidara from the Naruto series!
My favorite thing about Naruto was probably everything about the Akatsuki. And while my favorite member was Pain, Deidara was a close second for me.
I feel like out of all the Akatsuki members Deidara gets the least amount of love. And I think he deserves more. He's the first villain we see in the Shippuden series and the first thing he does is defeat Gaara who we just found out had become the Kazekage.
I love his style of fighting, the way he tactically uses his explosives is amazing and I love his personality "Art is an explosion". I love his banter with Sasori the two were a perfect partner for each other. I also believe that one of the best fights in the anime was Deidara vs Sasuke (as much as I hate Sasuke) that fight was one of my favorite to watch and I wish Deidara had been the cause for a main character death.
Tell me what you think of Deidara and tell some villains you think are underrated in the comments! Ja ne
I agree with you! I also wish there had been more insight on his back story. on every akatsuki member really. If there was just an Akatsuki show I'd watch it.
I thought Deidara was cool, but the hand-mouths weirded me out a bunch, lol. I also thought he was a little over-the-top about the 'artistry' of his fighting. Now Hidan - that's an underrated member of the akatsuki
A lot of the people I know who watch naruto love Hidan maybe that's why I found him less underrated (x @mrl5436 I'd watch an Akatsuki show too
@VinMcCarthy. Hidan was awesome. Definitely agree he was hugely underrated. I loved him and his creepy arse partner. And Deidara was a touch too chatty for me. Artistic expression is great but man... 😕 He sorta drove me batty.