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Who likes her ocean dress? ---------------------------------------------------- IU recently topped the Billboard K-Pop Chart with her new song. On May 18, the latest Billboard chart showed that IU topped the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 Chart with “Every End Of The Day,” the lead track of IU’s new mini-album released on May 11. IU has already topped the domestic charts with the song, however, it’s the first time to top the Billboard K-Pop Chart. “Every End Of The Day” is a lively song composed by Park Keun Tae and Kim Do Hoon. Turning twenty on May 16, IU has become more mature in the song. It’s also interesting that female singers (or groups), including IU, ranked from first to fourth on the chart. Baek Ji Young ranked second with “Voice,” one of the tracks of her new album released on May 17. SNSD-Tae Ti Seo ranked third with their debut song “Twinkle,” and Sistar ranked fourth with “Alone,” which has topped the chart for four consecutive weeks until last week. Ulala Session, the winner of Superstar K, ranked fifth on the chart with “Beautiful Night.” Source: Starnews via