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In a recent Op-Ed in the NY Times Richard A. Friedman asked the question, “Can you get smarter?” and related the question to a variety of studies published that show you could... But it’s not easy.
You actually have to work. And here’s what you have to do!

1. Exercise your brain

In a study done by researchers at BBC and Cambridge University neuroscientists, it was concluded that specific brain exercises can improve your IQ.
So you know those games you play on your phone that promote cognitive growth, yeah, it seems they can help with not only those skills but your overall IQ. The study also found that the older you get (esp. people 60+) had a more positive outcome in the study. So YES, the older you get, the more you should be doing those brain puzzles.

2. Exercise your body

Yup, just when you think you couldn’t get enough “you should exercise!” tips from the internet, here’s more evidence that exercising your body can also make you smarter.
And here’s the crazy science part: Exercise helps increases the level of a protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which is in the blood and brain. BDNF promotes the growth and formation of new neurons!!

3. Change your attitude about learning

The last study given showed how attitude surrounding learning helps people learn. The study found that those encouraged to view their intelligence as changeable scored significantly better (85 percent) than control participants.
The brain is very valuable at a young age, so the this is especially important in young adults.
Weird right? When your mom said, “change your attitude, it was probably because she wanted to make you smarter.” ;)
So getting smarter is obtainable, but it does take a bit more work than just consuming informations. The brain is a pretty incredible tool, now let’s keep it sharp shall we...

Are you going to make the effort to be smarter?

yeah, @BiblioLady I use that and so does @RaquelArredondo. I haven’t used it recently though...
Haha but maybe thanks to school we don’t have to be the best at mind games? @RaquelArredondo
@nicolejb Same haha I have school to look up to for that hahaha
I feel like exercising your brain is inportant. That is one tip that will go far. Luminosity is a good training program and the games are fun too. :)
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