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Oke, sometime ago, if someone talks about AZIATIX, I will absolutely ignore it. Who or what the hell is Aziatix. But now, I would gladly told everyone about them. Fall in love with their music since the first time I heard their song "cold". Damn, who are these guys? If I don't see their MV, I would probably thinks that they are some american or afro-american. Because I know they are very good at this stuff you know. The RnB, Soul n Hip Hop thing. And they sing in English (thanks GOD, so I could understand what they are singing). Until I discover their video on YouTube. What a surprise, they are Asian, Korean exactly. Then I thought, no wonder. Since I know that, here, in Asia, Korea is one of a few countries that produces many talented singer, musician, dancer, song writer etc. But still, because they are part of the Asia, I'm quite proud of them. If you want to know about them, just check their website at http://www.aziatix.com/ then probably you'll end up like me. Crazy with their song (at least for now :p). Repeteadly playing their song through my earphone, move my body following the beat, and really make my day. Although I think I'm not an Aziaddict, yet :p. For your info, Aziaddict is the name of their fans.
yup! it's a brand new. Don't forget to see the MV too, flowsik is so damn cool.
Sounds great!
I absolutely recommend their new single "Alright"!!