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Do you guys think it bad for someone to date someone younger then them by a couple months or years? I just want to see what you guys think.
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I agree with @alywoah here
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@CookieMonster97 be careful until said person is 18. If it gets sexual, you could be in a bit of trouble... It all depends, like @allischaaff said, on the nature of the relationship. I HIGHLY stress caution... Other than legalities, who cares about age. If you like someone and they like you, age is just some number. I'd go by personality and chemistry. :)
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age shouldn't matter unless they are underage.
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as long as they're not underage. what matters is the person
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To me age doesn't matter, as long as their oersonality works with yours and you're willing to commit to any issues to the end. I'm married now and my husband is 10 years older than me but he acts my age (sometimes younger).
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