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As far as I know... Everyone likes pizza. It is just something that fits every situation and every mood. I had friends over to my house the other day and I though why not surprising them with cute, very easy to make and really cheap (costwise) little pizzas. So all you need (to do) is: - bread rolls, cut in half (just like making a sandwich lol) - on top of bread rolls put some butter - choose your meat (I went for the slice of pizza ham and a slice of bacon) - throw some chadder (or your favourite) cheese on top of it - Do some mushrooms as well - and top it with some spices that you like - put it in the oven, and that's it. So easy to make and yet so delicious.
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no sauce. Butter instead. @MelissaMae
@rodiziketan omg!!! i never heard of such. why? is it better without?
If you know Italian food, you know there are two kinds of pizzas. Red (with tomato sauce) and white (with cream). And this card is about simplicity, and you don't always have sauce at home, but usually you have butter. Maybe you should try it. White pizzas are the best in my opinion. :) @MelissaMae
@rodiziketan thanks. i learned something new. ill try that.
Yeah, really do. You won't be sorry. :) @MelissaMae