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Seriously, why hasn't this happened yet?

Obviously we're all Black Widow fans here, but how many of us need a solo movie for her like we need air? Friend, you are not alone.

Seriously though, who would look at this brave...


Totally badass character...

And think to themselves: "Nah, she doesn't need a movie of her own."

Seriously, how many ways are there to say "ugh"?

Who else knows this feel?

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@JonPatrickHyde I definitely see those issues too, but I think they're surmountable. I definitely agree that they're looking at the numbers, but I take issue with the conclusions they've drawn. You mentioned Electra, but the first Daredevil film did just as poorly. So why did they give Daredevil another chance on Netflix, but Electra will only be a side character in the series? (Also see Ultraviolet, Lucy, Aeon Flux). They understand that these movies did poorly, but they don't understand why (it has nothing to do with the lead- it has to do with confusing writing or predictable plots or production problems- see also Green Lantern, Green Hornet, The Incredible Hulk). They're attributing the wrong factors as the cause. I think Natasha is a tough character to work with, but her current solo comics are INCREDIBLE. She has so much depth and the story is so strong even though there really aren't any other characters- the point of those stories is that she's completely isolated. They remind me a bit of the Bourne movies- minus the romantic side plot. I actually think that Captain America Winter Soldier could have easily been her story- reverse the roles she and Steve played, and suddenly it's a film about someone who thought she'd gone good, only to realize she'd switched the KGB for Hydra. I think the problem is that she has a very rich series of inner conflicts that get some exploration in the other films, but they don't have the external conflicts to go with them. They exist in the comics- she has some great adversaries, missions she has to complete, and they bring up a lot of important moral questions. The films haven't really done that for her. Did her feeling alienated in AoU have anything to do with defeating Ultron? Did her being a good agent have anything to do with the antagonist in Iron Man 2? I'm sorry I went a bit overboard haha. Clearly I've thought about this a lot XD
I think a black widow movie would be very interesting.the little bit of a peek we got at her history in AoU was already pretty mysterious. if Marvel could make an entire movie about her past and her history as a spy it would be very interesting if done the right way
Or a tv show?
@ChosenKnight yeah! That plus the foreshadowing they had in Agent Carter was so interesting, and right now her story feels incomplete. @drea4u a tv show could definitely work as well, especially since the Netflix series do so well with their fight choreography and special effects. However I think a movie would reach a wider audience. Marvel has been relegating their commitment to diversity to their 'side' projects (the comics primarily, then the shows).
yeah I'd love for them to show more of her history and backround