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Ceviche is a Peruvian dish, but it popular in a lot of Latin American countries.

It's made with raw fish and seafood, marinated in a citrus fruit. The acid in the citrus coagulates the proteins in the fish, effectively cooking it.

It's an incredibly refreshing, cold dish. It's not cooked.

Different fresh fish can be used like shrimp, tilapia, sea bass, squid, or mah-mahi!

Although it's not traditionally made this way, you can even have it vegan!

It's seriously the most amazing thing you could ever try!

@alywoah yessss <3
@Luci546 it's def addicting. it's such a refreshing dish and it's so good anytime
yummy @.@ my parents let it soak in a bowl of lime juice and after it finished "cooking" it tastes so gooood! it was so sour and strong but it was addicting, because of that! xD
love it!! ♡
Never had it but I love seafood. it sounds amazing.
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