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"When you talk to the cops about this, tell 'em Hawkeye was the good guy willya? I don't need anymore bad press."

Let's hear it for Hawkeye. The Avenger that people always forget about.
Fun fact, Marvel created a character that wears a hearing air to help convince a young fan to wear his. What other superhero wears a hearing aid? Hawkeye.

He led the Avengers for a while!

And sure, sometimes he gets caught with his pants down...
... Literally.

But he's *our* adorkable, hawkward dude.

He might not be everyone's favorite Avenger, but oh well! That just means there's more for us, right? (You know, if characters were cake). @Lostavatar @bluerose101 @Fallout14 @Vampyric69 @Beeplzzz @klluis86 @Sharia @TransAnmeWeirdo @sweetascandy @shantalcamara @ChibiFox @FreeWill66 Who's feeling Hawkward today?
I fell in love with first AVENGERS Funko Pop figure was him. (Then Loki)
love love LOVEE lmao
I love Hawkeye he's my third favorite male marvel superhero. 馃槏馃槏馃槏 *sigh* I would love to have him teach me archery.
Hawkeye isn't exactly a favorite but I do love his character I love his story and his ability of archery i actually want to learn to shoot bow and arrows
I love Hawkeye!! 馃挏馃榿
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