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6 Gadgets You Need If You're A Forgetful Wreck

Honestly, I'm adding all of these to my Amazon cart...right now.
Organization is not my strong suit, and I'd probably lose my head if it wasn't attached. These little gadgets will make a huge difference if you remember to buy them.

For when you forget to charge your phone.

This little Danbo charger can charge an iPhone fully up to 5 times. So if you forget to charge the charger, you should be good for a while!

For when you forget to do something.

Remind yourself with this wrist-watch Post-it. It's way classier than writing on your hand or arm.

For when you forget to water your plants.

This is a self-watering planter. Can you believe it!? I can't. I've let cacti die. I can't keep anything alive.

For when you forget to drink your tea.

I did this twice today. There has to be something better than a microwave right? Get this USB warmer and kick back with hot tea all day long.

For when you forget to buy laundry detergent.

Never forget again, these little babies last for 1,000 washes!

For when you forget your brilliant shower ideas.

This. Happens. So. Much. Get a shower-proof notepad and avoid losing those billion dollar ideas.
1. You are hilarious. 2. these are all perfect Christmas gifts. I want them all. #consumerism 3. Thank you
muy favorite is the shower note pad
omg I need them all especially the laundry I'm ordering right now thanks @Tess Stevens..
Crystal Wash would have saved me many moons ago. I will always need Crystal Wash, and will be Googling it now.
@namastenik KANICK I'm so glad you're on here :)))))))
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