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Lots of you guys enjoyed my previous card on Breakfast Around the World, so here's part 2!
Tagging those who wanted to see the exciting next installment!
As I stated last time, trying global cuisine can be such a fascinating and rewarding way of experiencing different cultures! It's crazy that for just one meal – breakfast – all around the world, people have a different idea of what that means. Let's visit a few more countries and see how they like to start their day!
Photos (mostly) courtesy of SonicBoom!
We'll start it off with a special request from @InPlainSight :)

1. Vietnam

According to Vietnam Online (and @InPlainSight), the most popular breakfast option is Pho! It's a delicious fragrant broth made from stewing cow, pig, or chicken bones and special spices. Inside, you'll find rice noodles, herbs, and meat – often beef or chicken. There are other breakfast options too, often rice or noodle based, but you can't go wrong having a big bowl of Pho in the morning!

2. Ghana

A popular breakfast dish here is called Waakye. It's rice and beans, boiled together, commonly eaten with fried plantains, fried fish, boiled eggs, or fried chicken. Yum!!

3. Italy

Just as elegant as Italian fashion is the Italian breakfast – the "cappuccino e cornetto," coffee and a croissant. Unlike French croissants, cornetti are sometimes made with lard instead of butter. And there's more sugar in the dough, resulting in a sweeter, more cake-like pastry.

4. Mexico

This one's for @CelinaGonzalez! :) In her own words: "We have different options like chilaquiles, tacos, but maybe the most common is refried beans with huevos revueltos, tortillas, salsa, and coffee." Does the plate above, loaded with beef tips, chilaquiles, huevos, and nachos look about right? :)

5. Japan

Tofu with soy sauce, served with rice and fish, is a popular option! Sounds delicious and healthy to me. Anybody ever had the good fortune to eat breakfast in Japan?

6. Morocco

Moroccans eat different kinds of bread, including semolina pancakes called Baghir, served with various chutneys, jams, cheeses, or butter. Now that's some carb-loading I can get behind! :D

7. Pakistan

For breakfast in Pakistan, you might eat Aloo Paratha, a pan-fried Indian flatbread. There's ghee, or clarified butter, in the dough, and it's often stuffed with veggies. It can be eaten with butter, chutney, some type of spicy sauce, or rolled up and dipped in tea! Sounds good to me :)

8. Mongolia

Mongolian breakfast often includes boiled mutton with lots of fat and flour, as well as dairy or rice. That's certainly different from what I'm used to!

9. Portugal

Stuffed croissants and coffee – I could get used to that! :D

10. Thailand

According to SonicBoom: "Usually consists of some meaty treat dropped in a semolina/porridge mixture. What you see above is pork porridge. It features Chinese doughnuts, beansprouts, pork intestine stuffed with peppery pork mince, sliced pork heart, stomach slivers and blood pudding. A bit more interesting than toast and jam anyway."

11. Turkey

What a spread! Breakfast in Turkey can include several different kinds of cheese, butter, olives, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, jam, honey, and spicy meat.

12. Venezuela

Empanadas!!!! @alywoah, I know you're not Venezuelan, but thought you'd appreciate this ;) They're little pockets of sunshine stuffed with cheese, meat, or veggies and beans! If you've never tried these before (or one of the many Latino variations!), you MUST ASAP. Sooo good! :D

Hope you guys enjoyed these!! Which one would you most like to try? :D

Oh! And are there any countries I missed that you'd like to see in a future installment?
ohhh man I’m with you on Portugal! I have never had a super stuffed croissant like that! but I definitely could get used to that!
The breakfast from Pakistan is the same in India, but they add dahi (yogurt), ghee, and a cup of Chai. They also have Aloo Gobi parathas (potato and cauliflower).
I'd like to try the Guyanese and moroccan breakfast! ☺ Whenever I travel my friends always wanna eat the basic stuff you can get back home in the states. I refuse to eat anything I can get back home when I'm overseas. You gotta eat like the locals and experience their foods done the "right" way. If you do another card can you put hatian breakfast in? I'd be happy to give you examples. 😊
This is so interesting! I've never been anywhere else and never thought about what other countries eat for breakfast :)
Lol I can't try any of them
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