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Hello Vinglers, it’s that time again for another Presidential Debate.
These four candidates are out to compete and become the next “Vingle Presidency” though you don’t win anything, bragging rights are enough for these fearless leaders.
If you’d like to be up to speed with what’s happening in the election, comment <<HERE>>

And here are the competitors to be looking out for!

This debate we are going with a movie theme.

If you could write, produce, and direct a movie about your life...what would it be? (feel free to talk genres, plot, and characters) Who would you cast as yourself? How does your life and experience make you a better leader?

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And unlike my competitor, I have an acting background. I think I would like to play myself, that way the performance can be as authentic, real and close to the vest as possible. It will expose everything and make it that much more compelling.
Thank you @nicolejb for a great debate starter. Let me say I campaigned for this debate to be a Vice Presidents debate, as I think it's important you get to know the team behind the candidates. I for one have a fantastic VP @Shannonl5 Other candidates, be sure to let us know your cast members (do any of you have a VP other than me??) when you tell us about your movie.
@nicolejb Brad Pitt. Three different hairstyles. Thus making him 3 different actors. Buzz cut Brad Pitt, medium length hair Brad Pitt, then finally long hair Brad Pitt. Also I'd play the ghost.
Okay so I've read over all the comments so far and I've seen compliments, disses, and support of others popping up everywhere. @TessStevens, @quietone, @paulisaghost, and @InPlainSight all have great movie ideas. Personally I would go watch all the movies, spin off tv shows, or whatever else you guys would end up making. I'm a sucker for mostly any story. I hope to also hear from @GalaxyTacoCat though... Oh, and the idea of being honest and showing all the nasty scars in life is a great idea. It really will help Vinglers understand and be able to possibly connect their lives with yours. So good job @quietone and @TessStevens! And @paulisaghost, I like your whole series idea! I would definitely pay money to see your whole journey. @InPlainSight, your idea of allowing the view to get to know you through other's view in the movie is a great idea. I say this because I know humans, ghosts, or any living creature that has an opinion about themselves can and will be biased. So you taking others' opinions/views about yourself if amazing! Though I would appreciate to see what you think about yourself too! Like I said, I would LOVE to go watch all of these productions you guys make! Keep up the good work guys!
Not only for the audience, but for those on Vingle who feel like they might have lost their place. someone has to take the risk, and that person should be the leader. If you're not willing to expose everything in service of the group...then well, you're not a leader.
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