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Thank you for this challenge @amobigbang I must admit it was very difficult!

Here were the directions:

Pick a Marvel character. It can be a hero or villain.
Explain why.
Tag me.
Tag friends.
Obviously this was difficult! So let me walk you through my process:

Steve Rogers

Sorry my darling, but no. We all know I love Steve, but I couldn't commit to a lifetime of stubbornness, reckless behavior, and that Brooklyn stiff upper lip. We'd be better off as friends.

Natasha Romanoff

Again, I adore her, but it would never work between us. She doesn't do long-term relationships. And I can respect that. We'll just Netflix and chill when the mood strikes ;)

Tony Stark

Aw buddy, that never lasts. I love ya, but I wish Pepper the best of luck there. You're a hot mess. And *I'm* a hot mess. We're just too similar friend.

Jessica Jones

I'm too much of a fan of what she has with Luke Cage to even dream of it.

Peter Parker

No thanks. I remember what happened to Gwen Stacey. I want to live.

Which brings me to...

That's how it is!

Sam Wilson: Would you marry me?

Seriously, he's amazing.

That smile! Gaaah!

I'm taking that .gif as a real 'yes', Sam Wilson and I are married now.
Lol I see ur thought process
Vingle love???? β™₯
@shannonl5 but you have my heart...
@FernandoGarza lol sorry Sam got my heart
wow πŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘ love is the in air πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. don't let it fall off you're hand
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