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I'm really excited for the upcoming film "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," at least I was until I saw the first trailer. The book is a dark comedy, a parody of sorts, that tackles the issues that the original Pride & Prejudice did....but with zombies. What's not to love?

But this US Trailer #1....well, it had me worried.

I don't know if the humor was just lost on me, but god...this trailer takes the movie itself WAY too seriously! The book is in no way that serious--sure, it has serious bits and of course it follows the level of the original but even the soundtrack sets this up to be something I didn't expect of the movie.

So I was relieved to find the UK version!

This trailer is the trailer for the movie I'm expecting. It starts out as you'd think Pride & Prejudice would start out: graceful and set in its time, before adding "oh by the way there are zombies, too" which is kind of how I want this movie to be.

PLEASE don't take yourself too seriously.

I really don't like when comedy/parodies are brought to the screen and they totally lose me. One movie that this trailer really reminded me of was Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer, who's trailer was FAR too serious in tone, and I honestly haven't watched the movie because of it.
But since I really have high hopes for Matt Smith and Lily James in this one, I'll give it a go regardless of the trailer.
Yayyyyyyy this looks so so so so good. but agreed. second trailer looks way better :)
@nicolejb It looks like the movie I actually want to see!
Yessss for real