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Philly's Radiator Hospital has slowly but surely worked their way up into my headphones over everything else I've been listening to for the past couple of months. They're shoegaze-y, hip-hipster, indie-pop-rock is a genre that I'm not ashamed to admit that I enjoy wholeheartedly.
The special thing about this band in particular is how upbeat some of their songs sound even though most of them deal with heavy, emotional issues. Like "Our Song" in particular, it's obvious the narrator of the song is from a point of view where the person they're in a relationship is someone who doesn't want to be their partner anymore.
And all of these lyrics are hidden under this really catchy indie-rock song. The first time I listened to it, I wasn't sure if I was hearing the lyrics correctly (I've left most of them for you below). It's this weird split in lyrical content and aural environment that I really dig. The song is super accessible but also really important for those who are listening and maybe, well, going through the same situation of the song.
[Note: I also left an acoustic version of the song that wears the sadness of the whole thing on its sleeve]

Notable Lyrics:

You won’t get off that easy, no don’t say you love me when you know you don’t. If you’re thinking that we’re through, I won’t hold it against you, you know I won’t. Sometimes I hear you crying alone in the shower, but I don’t make a sound. I just hope that he loves you like I never could do, and you like what you found.