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Have you ever tried Jokbal? If you have, you know what I'm talking about. It's so hard to find a restaurant that respects the perfect ratio of meat and the fat in the edge. I found this spot in Sinsa Station (Line 3), exit 8 where they have the most amazing Jokbal I've tried so far. The restaurant is called "신사동 왕족발" and its extremely near to the subway station. Hope you all get to try it, and if you decide to go after this post remember--it will be extremely crowded so either go early or make reservations! Enjoy <3
@kristenadams do you really want to know? hahaha it's not somethin that is completely out of the blew! i guess hahahahahahaha
should i ask what jokbal is??? it seems like it would be something out of the ordinary lol
this looks exotic, unseen but SO GOOD may i ask what it is????
mmm qe rico