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The guy i like knows i like him, we are not in a relationship. He use to treat me like a queen, now he barley treats me like a princess. i know he is going to school, has a life and all that. he says he cares, but it just seems like he nvr is there when i really need him. should i move on or not??
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My thoughts on this can be best summarized with this https://instagram.com/p/8xEQHYvyrt/
Thanks for the page @ChriSigularis!! Hey @EllenNesbit :) I totally hate that too... When someone seems to care when you're with them, but when you're not, they seem to completely forget that you exist. I've been there more than once -___- it could be this guys looking for a kind way to tell you he's not that interested - hoping you'll move on without him having to tell you. Do you think that's a possibility?
@EllenNesbit I hope that is a possibility for you and everyone whom are in similar situations. one thing I can say is that it's not wrong for loving that person when they don't love you back the same way. even though I know I probably won't ever be with her I will never regret the love I have for her. @allischaaff
@ChriSingularis that Instagram is exactly what I think. You can make excuses for someone all you want, but at the end of the day, they'll either make the effort or they won't. But I know it's easy to think all that in your head, and another matter entirely to actually move on :/ sometimes we can't move on until heartbreak forces us to.
@allischaaff yeah I'm more of an action than word so thus that Instagram. Action is louder than words. One can say something, one can promise something, but at the end of the day it's the action that was done.