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this is my exact reaction to all the tours my favorite bands are making outside of the country. Do you know why I'm mad? because I came from u.s to live in Korea(for a limited time) ! and guess what! got7, big bang, etc are all away on tour
they should be here ! I had so many stalking plans and now no stockees lol
I feel like the universe just doesn't want my dreams to come true =(
somaeone hug me !
I just can't!
well if it makes you feel better i live in crappy Virginia and no one ever comes here for a concert 馃槖馃槖馃槖 so i didnt see them either.
i feel your pain!!!
@electica OMG! They play in Osaka on my birthday!! I need ticket to Japan in January!
I'm wondering why Big Bang didn't want to come to Florida. It's FLORIDA!! I haven't checked GOT7 tour days, but I hope to one to see them too.
@TerraToyaSi awesome! I'm planning to go to the one ib tokyo =)
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