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We Got Trolled!!! (ฅ>ω<ฅ)
I literally can't believe this...well actually I can. So yeah you probably already heard but BTS comeback had been "delayed" to November 30...
Ummm...idk about you but I'm not a happy camper right now. I didn't actually think they would actually troll us like this!! I'm speechless lol.
And I really don't know if its something they could've helped or if its just to piss us off.. (My money is one the second choice)
Nevertheless we have to wait now. A whole freaking month for waiting. *sigh* Kpop is gonna kill me some day....

What are your reactions from the delayed comeback?

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honestly I think bighit had been taking troll lessons from yg
2 years ago·Reply
this comeback had better be UH-MAZING
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