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Nothing this Ms. Choi has said has added up... She is defaming KHJ and acts like a jealous ex trying to trap an unwilling man into staying with her... She pulls the supposed abuse card but lacks any proof and then her lawyer doctors pictures (which I am sure will be used against her in court by KHJ Attorney Atty Lee...), she has no medical proof of any of these alleged miscarriages, nor the humanly impossible 5 pregnancies within 7 months... She would have had to be pregnant once almost everyone of those months... She tried to pin the deadbeat dad image onto him before the child was even a month old... He straight up said if the child is his he will support it, took a DNA test by SK's most respected facility and even paid for the child's test ahead of time and does Ms. Choi refuse DNA test because she suspects foul play??? No she just needs an excuse to meet the man who doesn't want to see her or be around her... Saying that all three of them should take the test together as the only way she will agree sounds like a cry of desperation... If there even is really a child... She couldn't even give him evidence of it while it was still in the oven... She hides from the public and says what she wishes to defame a man... And as a public people judge him without even knowing if all the supposed texts even came from him... I can put lets say Larry's name as Joe's number so the exposed text messages are a farce... I really hope KHJ pulls through and gets his justice and Ms. Choi ends up in jail for the hardships she has placed upon KHJ and his parents... She is a despicable woman who cries wolf... Women who have really been abused may be seen as liars because of women like Ms. Choi... I feel embarrassed as a woman myself when I see the shit Ms. Choi has done... I can see through her lies... Why can'tothers who judged KHJ harshly see it as well... Her stories are so full of holes it isn't funny... Who else out there supports Kim Hyun-Joong??? Haters just don't answer for I will just delete those comments...
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I'm gonna stick with KHJ cause really love him him! SUPPORT KHJ!!!!
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KHJ forever
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Iam going to start off by saying what I've been saying since the beginning of this whole ordeal, That I don't believe this woman's story about him abusing her, she's way too open about the whole thing from experience I know from experience that when a woman under goes domestic violence they don't immediately come out with the truth due to fear and tell everyone around them their life story and experiences non the less media. Some of the statements she made about having several other abortions before this, just don't add up either. To me this was just an act for her to get money and diminish this guys fame. I'm not saying hes an angel but, I am saying that I don't believer her story
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@rmayra1 I too have been there (domestic abuse) and reasons like this was exactly why I went and looked at everything before I actually "took a side" so to speak... I have seen fancams of him (that he didn't know were there) with a child or elderly person and not only was he polite, kind and gentlemanly his whole demeanor and attitude raised no such alarms that one as a victim of physical abuse has grown(I hope you know what I mean)... I know people say that I took his side just cuz I was a fan but it's because I am a fan and have seen all different kinds of videos (professional, fancam, hidden etc) that I did feel something off, and of course with my past I felt she deserved the benefit of a doubt but when I went and dove into the entire story (like I have said to some of my rl friends) her side and it's so called stories and facts had so many holes it made Swiss cheese look like a solid block of cheese...
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